September Sponsor –

We want to thank for sponsoring our event held in Jacksonville, Florida for the month of September. helps those who are going on a cruise with items that conceal beverages, alcohol, creams..etc. They have serviced thousands of customers worldwide that have decided that they don’t want to spend the hundreds of dollars on board to drink and have fun. If you are going on a cruise soon and you are worried about how much it will cost you to pay for the Alcohol or booze then you should head over to and they will show you how to sneak alcohol on a cruise ship in just a few steps. We recently took them up on their offer to take a trip on the Carnival Cruise, using their products. We took the “Rum Runners Kit” and a few of the bottle caps to conceal our drinks. We were able to bring in at least $300 dollars worth of alcohol on the cruise thanks to them. If you are looking to just hide alcohol or sneak alcohol into a Carnival Cruise then this is for you! Thank you for sponsoring us for the month of September!

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